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Chestnut flour – Wholesale Only

Wholesale Only - Sweet Chestnut Flour

Wholesale Only – Sweet Chestnut Flour

For a sweet alternative to wheat flour, and when dealing with gluten sensitivity or intolerance, enjoy the benefits of our gluten free chestnut flour. By processing the Sweet Chestnuts on our own equipment we are able to provide quality control and ensure that you are receiving a product that continues to be gluten free.

These Sweet Chestnuts are harvested directly from our own orchard, then shelled and dried. Since the pellicles (or skins) on chestnuts are bitter, we ensure they are completely removed prior to processing. Once dried, the nuts are milled into chips of different coarseness depending on the need or purpose of the chips. The chips can be used when making breads for a sweet, nutty flavor and consistency, or can be used in handcrafted beers – See: Ground Breaker Brewing, Portland (Gluten-free beer).

When the chips are ground into flour, the chestnut flour can be used in recipes combined with wheat flour, or on it’s own for a gluten free alternative.

Nutritional Note: 1/4 cup chestnut flour = approx. 95 calories, with 21g carbohydrates, of which <1g is fiber, 1g protein, 1g fat.

Sweet Chestnut chips or flour can be milled to order with a minimum order of approximately 25 lbs.

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