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RC Farms, Inc. sweet chestnuts – Our history


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RC Farms, Inc. grows their Sweet Chestnuts on 17 acres in McMinnville, the heart of Oregon’s great and fertile Willamette Valley.

When you order fresh chestnuts from us, you’re buying directly from the grower so you are getting your chestnuts as fresh as possible.

Sweet Chestnuts have been around for centuries and can be ground into flour, pureed like potatoes, boiled and sautéed like a vegetable, and used in poultry stuffing, soups, quiches, and desserts. They are gluten free and an excellent healthy snack food!

These nuts have a mealy texture and a slightly sweet flavor. Edible chestnuts are very perishable. Although if stored in the refrigerator, they can keep for months. By sealing them in airtight plastic bags and freezing them, they can be kept for over a year. If not harvested and stored, they decay and dry out quickly and become hard, chalklike, and bony. Do not leave chestnuts in a bowl longer than a day or two, they will become too dry.

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Make sure to order your chestnuts early. Once the season arrives, our fresh sweet chestnuts sell-out quickly!